Cinematography Journal - Issue 1 - Reaching Out


We invite papers about Cinematography researched from any angle, viewpoint, methodology or timeframe.

What has been researched in connection with cinematography as an expressive form of visual narration? The debate on the role of cinematography and its impact on the visual storytelling can range from the perspective of film history, style, aesthetics, film language, color and perception. By showcasing and disseminating these research outputs the Cinematography Journal aims to increase the visibility of research in cinematography and to facilitate research collaboration.

Practical Information

We welcome short articles (4000 words), longer articles (8000 words) and visual articles (2000 words + video max. 7 min.) In case of visual articles, please provide us with the link to your video so we can embed it onto our platform.

Your article should contain the following:


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Article (including, if needed, a maximum of 5 pictures)

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Important Dates

Call Closed 30 October 2021